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Earthquake in Ecuador: Sinopharm International to the Rescue
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  At about 7 PM, April 16, 2016, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Ecuador. With corporate social responsibility, Sinopharm International’s office in Ecuador promptly inquired the country’s ministry of health for information on damages to local hospitals, and advised for a plan to provide medical aid materials to the disaster areas.
  In the afternoon of April 19, at an emergency meeting between Sinopharm International and Ecuador’s health ministry, a decision was made to dispatch medical rescue equipment to health institutions in COJIMIE, a severely afflicted area. At 8 PM, trucks loaded with hospital beds, monitors and medicines rushed from Guayaquil to COJIMIE.

  However, the route ahead was frequently visited by robbers. Worse still, around 100 inmates have just escaped from a city prison. To insure safety, local government dispatched troops to escort the envoy. At 3 PM, April 20, after 19 hours of non-stop journey, all aid materials arrived at the scene safe and sound, and were quickly setup by Sinopharm’s technicians for immediate use.
  The COJIMIE Hospital later expressed gratitude to employees from Sinopharm International for their high efficiency and professional dedication.

  In addition, employees from both Sinopharm International’s office in Ecuador and Sinopharm Fortuneway volunteered to purchase life supplies such as food and waters, and donate to a local donation center. (Contributed by Sinopharm International)

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