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Creat a new phrase of safe operation
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       In recent years, China pays attention to safety production and puts forward higher and stricter requirements on it. At the meantime, the new Safety Production Law stipulated that enterprises should promote the standardization construction of safety production. The subdivision of Sinopharm Foreign Trade —the pharmaceutical distribution center of Zongbao district conducted the work of safety standardization, therefore prevent production accidents from happening and provide mechanism for the implementation of safety production.
       Sinopharm Foreign Trade established a joint venture called VPC medicine company in Vietnam. VPC mainly produces antibiotic powder for injection, and it is the first such company that conforms to the GMP standards of WHO in Vietnam. VPC strikes to provide high quality medical products for Vietnam people, which provided  new channels to solve the problem of employment. However, the relationship between China and Vietnam is sensitiv. In April and May of 2014, large scale anti-Chinese chaos broke out in Vietnam. Sinopharm Foreign Trade launched the contingency plan to ensure the safety of Chinese staffs who were working in Vietnam.

       1. Take this as an opportunity to enhance safety management comprehensively
In 2014, the safety production of pharmaceutical distribution center of Zongbao district shifted from infrastructure building to operation safety. Sinopharm Foreign Trade supervised it through documents and on-site check and continuously promote its working process.
       Pharmaceutical distribution center of Zongbao district established safety production management system in less than 10 months. At the meantime, relative departments check the work everyday and make records. Through hard work, pharmaceutical distribution center of Zongbao district passed  level 2 safety production standards through experts’ on-site review and recheck.
       2. Dealing with the outbreak event in Vietnam successfully and in time
In April and May of 2014, large scale anti-Chinese chaos broke out in Vietnam. There were even violent actions such as smashing Chinese financed enterprises. To protect the safety of staffs and institutions, Sinopharm Foreign Trade launched the contingency plan and adopted a series of counter measures.
       After the situation became stable, staffs returned to Vietnam.

       The construction of safety production standardization benefit the establishment of the long-term mechanism of the medicine distribution center and enhance the ability of safety production protection comprehensively. Pharmaceutical distribution center of Zongbao district builds safety communication with local government, which laid a good foundation to the safe environment of the bonded area, which is a good example for other enterprises. It also made the comprehensive safety management ability of Sinopharm Foreign Trade become more systematic. The well handling of Vietnam event strengthen the communication between the staffs in these two countries, and helped to build a safe investment environment.

       Review the past security work, we have progress and pressure, and have achievements with challenges. In future work, Sinopharm Foreign Trade will continue to implement the spirit of the instructions of Sinopharm International,and further enhance the level of safety management work, constantly optimize and improve its safety management mode and method, and strive to improve the ability of emergency handling ability, enhance employees ability to deal with emergencies, and earnestly implement production safety, and make new contributions for the development of Sinopharm International, to better fulfill the social responsibility as a central enterprise.

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