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The special events of the Chinese Medical Assisting Team in Tonga are specially and officially covered by the news
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The special events of the Chinese Medical Assisting Team in Tonga are specially and officially covered by the news.

Since the arrival time of July, 2010, the first medical assisting troop sent by the China Sinopharm International Corporation has overcome various difficulties of living on a foreign land, showing their professional medical techniques and high medical ethics during their work.The best performance of the Chinese assisting experts has been well received and highly praised by the local citizens.
The report titled: “You Are the Saving Angles Sent by the God——the On-spot-records of the Chinese Medical Assisting Team in Tonga” issued by the Commercial and Economical Office of the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Tonga has been frequently adopted by government website of the Commercial and Economical Department and many other websites such as Sina.com.

You Are the Saving Angles Sent by the God
——the On-spot-records of the Chinese Medical Assisting Team in Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is located in the tropical zone of the Pacific centre with extraordinary sea-view sceneries and extraordinary sunshine as well. Because of the free health care policy for the whole nation, the central hospital is always tight with patients from all over the country.Those eager for helps are always informed that “Schedule for today is full”, or “Sorry, your condition is beyond the capability of local medical care.” This country has insufficient medical specialists and also lacks of eligible medical techniques.
Things have not been greatly improved until a Chinese medical team comes all the way from china.The team members always resolve some complex conditions that appear to be inextricable for the local doctors in the harshly hot weather. They refuse tipping from the patients and show high-quality techniques of medical treatment with their sound medical working ethics as Chinese experts. The behaviors stand as a monument, showing a great dedication and contribution to the Tongan people from  Chinese people.


Photo 1: Dr.Wangyi is working on operation

The team leader of the first section of the Chinese medical team is Dr. Wangyi from Jilin province of China. He graduates from Norman Bethune Medical University and becomes “the contemporary Chinese Bethune” in Tonga. There are many obstetric severe problems such as high birth rate, dystocia, Caesarean birth, rupture of uterus, postpartum hemorrhage etc. These problems will finally lead to the maternal death if they fail to receive timely treatments. Before Dr. Wang came, the local O&G medical condition was very limited and created some great difficulties for the O&G diagnosis and operations. Dr. Wang took over most of the clinic and operation work as soon as he arrived in Tonga and precisely located the problems of the mothers and babies.He gave them timely treatments to relieve them from the severe conditions and saved their lives. The over-sized gynecological tumors are frequently seen in Tonga. Dr. Wang studied the cases and performed a lot of practices with great patience and successfully carried out the complicated clinical operations and new technical operations such as “total abdominal hysterectomy inside the fascia” and “multiple huge uterine fibroidectomy”. He finalized the standard procedures of the resuscitation for the neonatal asphyxia as well. He was also invited to attend the teaching work in the Tongan Nursing Institute for the preliminary doctors and nursing school graduates. It’s often seen outside the O&G ward that patients held Dr.Wang’s hands with tears and kept on saying:”Malo Siaina!”(Thank you, China!)





Tongan government claims their extrodinary need for dentists in their documents of application for the Chinese aids because almost every Tongan people suffers more or less dental problems due to their diet habits.

Photo2: Dr. Wu Guocong is treating patient 


Dr. Wu Guocong from Tianjin convinced the Tongan medical staffs with his exquisite skills and techniques soon after he arrived in Tonga.The former usual treatment for the dental problems is limited to extraction because of the very limited dental environment and dental equipments.The dental clinic is also short in hands and professional specialists. They cannot perform respective treatments technically with reasonable techniques. As per different conditions of the patients, Dr. Wu treats them differently with various procedures such as oral examination, pulp-treatment, fillings, and extractions. He also offers respective dental care suggestions for different patients. Thanks to his different ways of treatment, many patients appoint the famous “China Wu” for their dental therapies and even many local doctors asks Dr. Wu for help when they encounter difficulties. Once, the Minister of Treasury Mr. Sunia asked Dr. Wu to give a root canal treatment for his tooth which was formerly examined and diagnosed for extraction by local doctors. Dr. Wu saved the tooth with a quality treatment. Mr. Sunia was satisfied and wanted to thank Dr Wu. He took out money and tipped, but Dr. Wu refused the money politely and said: “I’m a doctor from the Chinese assisting medical team, so it’s my honor and duty to serve Tongan people.”




Dr. Yang yanping is from Shanxi province. Her work here in Tonga seems very risky for those who don’t know it: psychiatric treatment. Even the local doctors are sometimes at a loss for those patients behind iron bars. It is very harsh and difficult for a foreign lady doctor who doesn’t speak local language.Nevertheless, Dr. Yang truly carried on her work very smoothly since she was here. Relying on her well-knit professional knowledge and good English, she figured out the special pathological features for local patients and became the best hand in the psychiatric ward for the general treatment, imprisonment patients view, judicial expertise, and in-ward patients treatment. Lithium carbonate is the special ingredient for the medicine of mania treatment, which contains very close concentration to a toxic level so that the blood lithium concentration is supposed to be closely observed. Because of the very limited laboratory equipment here in Tonga, each sample must be delivered to the foreign countries for monitoring. It normally takes a month or so while the patients cannot be properly treated. Some of the patients die of lithium toxicity without proper retrieval methods. Not long after she came here, the experienced  Dr. Yang discovered one early period lithium toxicity case and duly proceeded rescuing.The patient’s life was finally saved. According to this experience, she worked out a set of regulations for the proper usage of the lithium carbonate. Since then, no lithium toxicity accidents have ever happened. Dr. Mapa,chief of the psychiatric ward, has repeatedly  told others with emotion: “Our long time confusion for the usage of lithium carbonate has been entirely resolved ever since China Yang came here! The time of toxic suffering for Tongan people has gone forever!”

Photo3: Dr. Yang Yanping is holding a psychiatric meeting




he plump boy Dr. Tang Jiande knows well how to cook good Chinese food, but he knows better how to diagnose precisely for the patients with the old-fashioned ultra-sound equipments. Dr. Tang was arranged here to be a Color Doppler Ultrasonic technician originally , but when he arrived at the radiology department, instead of a multi-functional ultrasound machine with clear imaging like the one he’s used to in China, he found an only small old-fashioned ultrasound machine in front of him and a shabby color cardio-ultrasound machine with very slurred imaging. Under such limited circumtances, along with very complex disease situations of the most Tongan overweight patients, it’s very difficult to precisely diagnose without normal auxiliary methods like CT scanning, MRI scanning. Dr. Tang took advantage of his rich working experiences in Chinese general hospital and figured out a compromised but effective way siutable to the Tongan conditions.It successfully meets the clinical need in Tongan. Other Tongan doctors fully rely on his examine results and make the appointing patients for scanning increase every day. Dr. Tang also developed the pediatric cardio-ultrasound examine, which was not available before. He managed to discover many complex congenital heart diseases that were not possible to be indicated before he came here. At present, he takes on almost all the ultrasonic scanning work in the hospital.

Photo 4: Dr. Tang Jiande at work




There are also many touching events in this small sized medical team. Dr. Liu Haijiang once heard that Tonga is a tiny country with only no more than 10,000 populations, even smaller than a county in China. He thought there were not supposed to be more operations than those in China, But to his surprise, he found there were alwys more than 20 various cases here every day in the theatre. He is one of the only two anesthetists here. That is to say, the work load is much more than he is used to in China, therefore, skinny Dr. Liu can hardly have an enough rest and  nearly cannot stand against the busy work, but at last, he persists on his working position with very strong willpower. The interpreter Yu Boning from Hubei province was named as a “general doctor” by the Tongan patients. He did not major in medical knowledge at first, but after he arrived here, he strived to study lots of basic medical knowledge in order to free the doctors from the language barriers. Less than half a year, he was able to give a primary basic diagnosis for the patients before he handed them over to the Chinese doctors. This increased the efficiency of  doctor’s work and obtained a high praise from patients as well. Dr. Kuang in the medical ward can use the general ways freely to treat the patients as well as some Chinese traditional ways such as the Chinese massage therapy to get a better result. The combination of Chinese and western therapies brought a good effect and astonished the Tongan people, arousing their interests to know and to learn the Chinese traditional medicine techniques.


Photo 5: Dr. Liu Haijiang is working in the operation theatre

Photo 6: Yu Boning is working in the operation theatre


7:Kuang Fuzhen

Tonga is famous for its splendid sunrise view and the typical tropical sun shine warmth. The Chinese medical team members work here with great passions. Their attentiveness is warmer than the sun. With great enthusiastic serving attitude,the team has been working here for more than 10 months under the very limited conditions. They have accomplished more than 10,000 clinical and emergent cases and more than 1,000 operations, for which the Tongan Ministry of Health and the hospital superintendents appreciated and praised on many occasions.In the Kingdom of Tongan,people have a pious belief in God.The patients always give Chinese medical team members a warm hug after treatment and say to them with deep emotion: Ko koe koe angelo mei he Otua!(you are the saving angles sent by God!)

(article provider:the Commercial and Economical Office of the Chinese Embassy in Tonga)

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