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Sinopharm International’s Effort in Fighting against COVID -19 in Numbers
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On Sept 8th, the National Commendation Conference of Fighting against COVID -19 was held in The Great Hall of the People. Before the conference, President Xi and other leaders of CPC and China met the winners of State Medals and Titles of Honor, Advanced Individuals, and representatives of Advanced Groups during the pandemic.  


As Sinopharm International won National Advanced Group, General Manager Li Can attended the conference and was given the award as representative.


At the beginning of 2020, facing the unexpected pandemic, Sinopharm International shoulders its responsibility as Sinopharm’s platform of medical and healthcare industry and international operation, spares no efforts in both domestic and international battlefields, fighting in areas of medical treatment and materials supply day and night.


Reviewing efforts of Sinopharm International during the pandemic, please see below numbers:


15000 employees of 105 grass-roots party organizations fighting at the front;


Initiating procurement channels of 13 countries within 2 days,

Purchasing 5 million PPE from 30 countries including KN95 masks, goggles, and protective garments;


In epicenter Hubei Province, two thirds of medical staff of central enterprises are from Sinopharm International;


Screening nearly 20000 cases of fever,

Finding 196 confirmed cases and 464 suspected cases,

The oldest patient being cured 87 years old and the youngest 9 month;


Signing contracts of more than 2.8 billion PPE with 135 countries and regions in joining global efforts;


Exporting 970 million PPE to 132 countries and regions;


Delivering 200 million PPE through 40 planes and 3 China-Europe trains to Russia;


Providing 15.48 million PPE to overseas institutes of 58 SOEs in 71 countries and regions; and


Offering health kits or materials needed for 100,000 students studying abroad.

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