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Getting on CRE train, helping “OBOR” countries
Author:   Source   Date:Apr,26,2020   Browse:2426   
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In the late night of April 19th, a CRE train with 20 million facial masks provided by Sinopharm International departured from Su ZhouXi station and headed for Moscow to deliver health and concern to people there. This is Chinese largest batch of protective medical materials transported through CRE recently and the first batch of Sinopharm International delivered by railway.




With the spreading COVID-19 pandemic and increasing demand for global transportation, as scarce flight and long shipping, Sinopharm International explores new transportation methods including railway and brings full support to international community in the battle with COVID -19 pandemic.




As an important “OBOR” project, CRE unquestionably becomes the first choice for its high quality and normalized operation. To ensure successful exportation of protective medical materials, underpinned by Chinese customs and railway authorities, Sinopharm International maintains close contact with foreign buyers and carriers, and attains “green pass“ of customs clearance, using only half a day to finish EX- warehousing, packaging, customs declaration, examination and release, so that “Sinopharm speed” presses the “acceleration button” again in export railway transportation.




On the ancient silk road, CRE trains brings care and warmth to Europe. Moreover, Sinopharm International upholds “OBOR” initiative, expresses connotation of “community of a shared future of mankind” and passes on Sinopahrm power to the global response to COVID-19.

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