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The second half of fight against COVID-19:Sinopharm International helps Iran
Author:   Source   Date:Mar,20,2020   Browse:3315   
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While we are happy about numbers of COVID-19 case turning zero, the spread of pandemic at abroad makes us extremely worried. We won’t forget that when the epidemic occurred in China, the first comfort and concern coming from the outside world is from Iran. And in return, when Iran asks for help and professional instructions, hospitals of Sinopharm do their best and work at the front line.


Since Mar. 15th, He Cong, Director of HBO dept. in Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital got up on 3 o’clock every morning to exchange expertise about HBO intervention on COVID-19 patients with Dr.soltanzadeh based in Iran.


Dr.soltanzadeh, who once studied in the Second Military Medical University got in touch with He Cong through the introduction of his previous master, Professor Liu,  to learn prevention measures and therapeutic schedule of HBO intervention on COVID-19 patients.


It is known that Shiyan Municipal TV Station once gave a feature coverage of HBO intervention on COVID-19 patients initially proposed by Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital, which effectively avert normal COVID-19 patients turning into severe or critical type. Dr.soltanzadeh watched the report on the Internet and asked for expertise and experience in this regard.


According to information, since Feb. 17th, Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital has treated 171 patients with COVID-19 by using HBO intervention, which supports patients' rehabilitation.  


Dr.soltanzadeh mainly asked He Cong 3 questions:1.timing and therapeutic schedule of HBO intervention 2.personal protection of medical staff and 3.materials and measures used for prevention of hospital-acquired infection. He Cong deliberated on design idea and specific measures and sent a large amount of pictures to help Dr.soltanzadeh to understand. On the morning of Mar. 16th, Dr.Soltanzadeh sent the latest information to He Cong that the hospital he works in has updated prevention measures of hospital-acquired infection, and will keep in touch with Sinopharm about containing COVID-19. At the same time , he and his son also sent a New Year wish to He Cong in Chinese to express their gratitude.


As of Mar. 12th, the last COVID-19 patients received by hospitals of Sinopharm International had been cured and left hospital, which marks the phased victory of this battle, but we can do more.


During this fight against COVID-19, as the international pharmaceutical platform of Sinopharm, Sinopharm International proactively shoulder social responsibility of SOE’s and contribute Sinopharm’s wisdom to containing the epidemic around the globe.

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