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The first supplies donated from Ecuador arrived in Hubei Province
Author:   Source   Date:Feb,25,2020   Browse:3550   
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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, the situation in China has attached everyone’s heart. China Sinopharm International Corporation(Ecuador)fully leveraged its localization advantages and united people in all circles in Ecuador to provide emergency medical supplies for frontline medical staffs.


On February 19, Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital received a precious gift from the distant South American continent - protective medical supplies donated by various circles in Ecuador crossed the ocean and brought love and concern into the hands of frontline medical staffs.


Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital, as the "designated treatment hospital for critical patients with COVID-19 epidemic in Shiyan City, Hubei Province", has continued to fight against epidemic with all the powers, and the number of peole  being cured keeps rising. Till February 19, 51 patients have been cured, including two 9-month-old infants.




After learning that the medical staffs of Sinopharm‘s hospitals urgently needed medical protective supplies, with the vigorous organization and thoughtful arrangement of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador, a vast number of Chinese enterprises and patriotic Chinese compatriots in Ecuador helped out immediately and donated a quantity of protective supplies such as masks and gloves. In addition to selflessly donating emergency supplies, some kept searching for overseas sources through various channels, some actively recommended the fastest transportation routes, and some joined efforts with Sinopharm to transport goods - everyone is contributing their own strength.


In addition to this, countless overseas friends in Ecuador have been concerned about the situation in China and hope to contribute to the frontline medical staffs. Just as Sinopharm has shown its care, dedication and sense of mission in assisting disaster relief activities after the earthquake of 2016 and H1N1 flu of 2018 in Ecuador, many Ecuadorian friends gave their big hands. At this moment, the spirit of Sinopharm All For Health, Health For All is the portrayal of the aspirations of a community with a shared future for mankind, and the common blessings for health and peace spans the distance of the ocean and crosses racial lines.





Carrying this love and concern, China Sinopharm International Corporation(Ecuador) exerted its medical professional advantages, searched for local sources, organizes international transportation, and delivered these donated supplies to China as quickly as possible.


There is more and more love and support, which is being continuously sent to China through the hands of Sinopharm. We firmly believe that with the help of overseas friends, we will surely overcome the epidemic at an early date and welcome the sunshine in the spring!



The donors are: Cámara de comercio de empresas Chinas en Ecuador, Siyuan academia de lengua China, Powerchina Sucursal Ecuador, China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd (Sinomach), Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd., CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Limited(CCDC), Constructora Daobang S.a, TW Cargo S. A., Mr. Javier Khamashta, Ecuadorian students who studied in China and Overseas Chinese in Ecuador. (names not listed in particular order)

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