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Work conference of Sinopharm Healthcare on medical treatment and pension industries holds
Author:   Source   Date:Jan,20,2020   Browse:2332   
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In the morning of Jan 8th, work conference of Sinopharm Healthcare on  medical treatment and pension industries is held in Sinopharm Dongfeng Huaguo Hospital. General Manager of Sinopharm International and Sinopharm Healthcare Li Can, Vice General Manager of Sinopharm International and Sinopharm Healthcare Ma Rang, Director of Hua Guo Hospital Hu Wanbao and relevant personnel of Sinopharm Dongfeng and Sinopharm Gezhouba attend the conference, which is presided by He Hongsheng, Vice General Manager of Sinopharm Healthcare, Chairman of Sinopharm Gezhouba, and General Manager of Sinopharm Dongfeng.  


During the conference, the previous construction and working plan of medical treatment and healthcare system for elders of Sinopharm Donfeng, implementation and exploration of Hua Guo Hopstial in this regard over the years, exploration of healthcare model featuring value-based care of Sinopharm Dongfeng General Hospital, and the conduct of medical treatment and pension service for disabled elders in Xiba Community,Ge Zhouba are introduced and reported by relevant personnel.


Li Can speaks highly of the work and achievements made by fellow colleagues and claims that the fact that Sinopharm Healthcare has been exploring service model of medical treatment and pension to meet the increasing need for pension service and to solve the social problem of “difficulty of raising elders” has demonstrated economic, social, political responsibility as a SOE for the sake of people’s well-being. He also hopes Sinopharm Healthcare can move forward its medical treatment and pension cause by coordinated and systematic support.

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