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Sparing no efforts, hospitals of Sinopharm International combat NCP at the front line
Author:   Source   Date:Jan,15,2020   Browse:2080   
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Wuhan, Hubei Province and some other areas have discovered novel coronavirus Pneumonia(NCP) recently, and by Jan 22nd with 571 aggregated confirmed cases  and 17 deaths reported in 25 provinces(regions and cities).



Facing the increasing severe situation and upholding the principle of “Caring for life, catering for health”, as a Sinopharm subsidiary, Sinopharm International and its affiliated hospitals respectively establish leading groups for containing NCP to command work at the front line; start reporting mechanism of the epidemic situation; train all staff about diagnosis, treatment, prevention and containing NCP; conduct triage, registration of patients situation, reception and screening process of fever patients; set up observing beds and emergency isolated wards; formulate emergency plan to deal with shortage of beds and personnel; broadcast knowledge of NCP through LED screens inside hospitals, official websites and Wechat to raise awareness of populations.



Sinopharm International proactively obtain medical protective materials from different quarters to offer logistics supply to its own subsidiaries and affiliated hospitals by making use of its resources.


Working together and striving forward, more than 10 thousands medical staffs in over 50 hospitals of Sinopharm International have been conducted epidemic prevention and controlling work by practicing Sinopharm’s spirit to protect people’s wellbeing.

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