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Sinopharm International completes occasional import of Chinese first rare disease drug for urgent medical needs
Author:   Source   Date:Jul,10,2019   Browse:2323   
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On June 28th, entrusted by Peking Union Medical College Hospital, mitotane used for adrenocotical carcinoma imported by Sinopharm International for the first time has completed customs clearance and delivered to the hospital, which marks the first time ever occasional batch import of rare disease drug for urgent need in China.


It’s known that adrenocotical carcinoma is a rare clinical malignant endocrine tumor, the morbidity of which is only 0.7-2.0 per million people. Mitotane, as the most effective medicine for this disease, can effectively control the process of the disease and has obvious clinical benefits. Because of the scarce patients, there is only one pharmaceutical factory in the world which can produce and supply on a stable manner. Previously mitotane had not been registered in China, so patients don’t have regular purchase channel and thus demand is not assured and rehabilitation strongly affected.   


In May 2019, National Medical Products Administration, Beijing Municipal Health Administration, Beijing Municipal Health Administration and etc., approved occasional import of mitotane to satisfy demands for patients. Sinopharm International initiated immediately quick response mechanism. By following the purchase plan of the hospital and taking advantage of its own channel resources, Sinopharm International actively establish a fast track of channel, process and mechanism to ensure smooth and effective drug delivery.


Currently, among The First Batch Rare Disease Catalogue released by our country, there are still 21 kinds of drugs facing the problem of “ drugs are only available outside the border”. Taking the successful supply of mitotane as an opportunity, Sinopharm will maintain close coordination with related organizations and medical institutions, proactively perform the duty as a central enterprise, introduce more rare disease drugs, open a new era of rare disease drugs supply, and make more contribution for “Healthy China” Strategy.

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