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Chinese Embassy in Ecuador sent Letter of Thanks to Sinopharm & Sinopharm International
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During Nov 11th to 22nd , the Peace Ark hospital ship of Chinese Navy paid its visit to Ecaudor while performing “Peace Mission 2018” and provided humanitarian medical service for local people.


At the invitation of Ecuador Embassy, our colleague in Ecuador office with high sense of responsibility and mission, helped the embassy and Peace Ark medical team to communicate with local police and patients and translate during night operation in marine hospital, which was highly appreciated by the embassy, Chinese Navy and officials from Peace Ark medical team. On Nov 27th, the embassy sent Letter of Thanks to Sinopharm and Sinopharm International for our company’s remarkable support.  


As the first Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise who established branch in Ecuador, Sinopharm International has always paid high attention to serve and obey the big picture of national diplomatic and trading policy, implemented SOE’s overseas responsibility, and endeavored to push forward medical and pharmaceutical industry in Ecuador, develop Sino-Ecuador friendship and guard Ecuadorians’ health and wellbeing.   



The Letter of Thanks is as following:


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