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Hospital cooperation project between CRRC and Sinopharm layout in Dalian
Author:   Source   Date:Sep,05,2018   Browse:2477   
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On the morning of Aug 28th, 2018, Sinopharm and CRRC held the handover ceremony of Dalian Locomotive hospital in the stadium of hospital. Executive director and member of party committee of CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) Mr. Xu Zongxiang, vice general manager and member of party committee of Sinopharm Mrs. Shi Shengyi attended the ceremony and gave speeches.

General Manager of Capital Management Center of CRRC Huang Shizhou, vice general manager Li Guoyong, vice general manager of CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd. Ma Yanchen and Gao Wuqing, general manager of China Sinopharm International Corporation (Sinopharm International) and Sinopharm Healthcare Corporation (Sinopharm Healthcare) Li Can, CMO of Sinopharm International Liu Lili, vice general manager of Sinopharm Healthcare Zhang Lehui, general manager of Sinopharm Midland Yang Liuqin, general manager of Sinopharm Dongfeng He Hongsheng attended the ceremony. Department heads of CRRC Dalian and Sinopharm Healthcare, members of party and the administration, representatives of employees, key employees also attended the ceremony. And Gao Wuqing presided the ceremony.



During the ceremony, all the attendees reviewed the 65 years of Dalian Locomotive Hospital’s history and looked into its future, Gao Wuqing and Li Can proceeded hospital transfer, and Xu Zongxiang and Shi Shengyi inaugurate for Sinopharm Dalian Healthcare Corporation.

Mrs. Shi Shengyi, on behalf of Sinopharm, expressed gratitude to CRRC and CRRC Dalian for their trust, and admire for their revolutionary spirit. She pointed out that with healthcare and pharmaceutical industry as the only main business of Sinopharm, Sinopharm has built a complete industrial chain and was granted by SASAC for investing in medical service industry in 2014.

 She emphasized that Dalian Auto Hospital is the first medical cooperation of Sinopharm in Northeast China and a crystal of SOEs in pushing forward professional development of medical institutions while giving priority to main business and optimized allocation of resources. Sinopharm will take advantage of its industrial advantages to achieve professional development in Dalian Locomotive Hospital’s main business and further accomplish multi-win complexion of people maintaining health and wellbeing, employees gaining development, hospitals achieving improvement and enterprise getting profits through the support of resources, capital, policies and mechanism. She hoped Dalian Locomotive Hospital shall seize the historical opportunity of medical and pharmaceutical development, and contribute more to “Health CRRC”, “Health Dalian” and “Health China” .   

 Mr. Li Can read out the appointment document of party and administration members of Dalian Locomotive Hospital and Sinopharm Dalian hospital management Co., Ltd. and expressed welcome to Dalian Locomotive Hospital joining Sinopharm and returning to its main business. He pointed out that through multiple effective measures and on the basis of helping Dalian Locomotive Hospital to return to its main business, Sinopharm Medical will assist it to join in the mainstream of industry, develop into Grade A secondary hospital with distinct specialties, qualified service, and high effectiveness, as well as to become an example of socialized and market-oriented reform of SOE’s monomer hospital.



The success of this handover ceremony marked that by holding the principle of “respect, input, inclusive, development”, medical and pharmaceutical section of Sinopharm officially distributed in Northeast China and made another breakthrough of industrial layout.

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