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“Seminar on 2018 Medical Equipment and Technical Cooperation for Developing Countries” Undertaken by Sinopharm International Came to a Successful Conclusion
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On July 24th, 2018, “Seminar on 2018 Medical Equipment and Technical Cooperation for Developing Countries” hosted by MOC and undertaken by Sinopharm International came to a successful conclusion in Beijing. Deputy Director of International Cooperation Dept. Mrs. Wu Zeping, on behalf of the company, attended the opening and closing ceremony of the seminar.


This seminar was opened on July 4th, with 69 MOH officials from 21 developing countries participated. Holding the principle of rich content and strong practicability, 9 lectures and 12 field investigations were arranged and received acclaim from all participants. During the seminar, a delegation of more than 100 officials after combining officials from “Seminar on 2018 Immunization Planning and Vaccine Cooperation of African French-speaking Countries” which was also undertaken by our company visited Sinopharm International, and discussed business with relevant departments setting the score of receiving the largest amount of officials in foreign-aid HR development projects. 

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