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Inspection of CNSC’s operation in Chongqing by Chairman of Sinopharm Mr. Guo Jianxin and General Manager Mr. She Lulin
Author:   Source   Date:May,25,2018   Browse:1972   
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On May 23rd, 2018, Chairman of Sinopharm Mr. Guo Jianxin and General Manager Mr. She Lulin inspected operation of CNSC in Chongqing by paying a field visit to airport and downtown duty free shop there, with vice General Manager of Sinopharm Mr. Deng Jindong participating and General Manager of Sinopharm International Mr. Li Can keeping accompany and reporting accordingly. 




At the airport duty free shop in Chongqing, group officials inquired operation, product structures & price competition, and spoke highly of CNSC’s successful entry into airport and border duty free area. At landmark riverside park in Nan ’an District Chongqing, where the downtown duty free shop located, after a full comprehension of the regional advantages, commercial value of the position and current operation of the commercial real estate, group officials praised store location.



During investigation, group officials emphasized that CNSC shall accommodate new trend of international duty free industry, carry out related national policies, find fresh position and realize new development based on Sinopharm’s strong strength. Moreover, CNSC shall innovate operation and service concept, proactively strengthen new brand of CNSC’s airport and border duty free shops, at the same time, it shall expedite upgrade and enlargement of downtown shops to enhance unique advantages of CNSC.


Director of Public Affairs Department of Sinopharm Wang Jie and Deputy Director Yang Yang as well as related officials of Sinopharm Holding, CSIMC, Sinopharm TCM, Sinopharm Shyndec and subsidiaries in Chongqing participated in the investigation.

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