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Sinopharm International Combats Flu Outbreak in Ecuador with “Chinese Speed”
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At an emergency meeting on January 29, Ecuador’s health ministry called for Sinopharm International’s office in Quito to deliver medical equipment to AMBATO regional teaching general hospital to cope with the urgent demand on medical treatment during the H1N1 outbreak.

It is reported that since the first case of H1N1 patient was identified on November 19, 2017, at least 22 people have dead of the disease, and 441 have been infected so far in the country’s central and north Andes regions. As one of the largest hospitals in Ecuador, AMABATO has become a major battlefield against the epidemic.

To accomplish the mission in a timely fashion, the office raced against time in ordering, sorting, and delivering all the equipment, which include CT scanners, monitors, aspirators, gas masks, etc. On the same afternoon, all equipment is loaded for dispatch, and arrived at the hospital on the eve of January 30th after only 7 hours of express delivery. Meanwhile, a team of 15 engineers and services personnel rushed to the treatment room in the hospital to immediately start the installation. By noon the commissioning of the equipment is finished, just 24 hours after the ministry gave notice.


Ecuador’s health ministry, district health bureau and AMABATO hospital appreciated the timely support by Sinopharm International, and praised the “Chinese speed” as showcased by the Chinese companies.

(Compiled by Sinopharm International)

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