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Sinopharm Board of Directors Inspects VCP
Author:   Source   Date:Oct,27,2017   Browse:2144   
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On October 22 and 23, Sinopharm Board Directors Wang Fucheng, Li Yuhua, Zhang Yongmin, Zhang Jianhua, Ma Ping, Yang Youhong, and Mr. Shi Shengyi, Deputy General Manager and Board Secretary of Sinopharm visited Vietnam-China Pharmaceutical Company(VCP). Mr. Li Can, President of Sinopharm International, Li Xiangrong, Director of Office of Board of Directors of Sinopharm, and Mr. Ding Haiyun, Director of International Cooperation Department of Sinopharm accompanied the group.


The group visited the antibiotic powder-injection production line, and the Chinese patent drug production line, which received GMP this year. The group was also informed on the production and business performance of the company, and the investment and safety management of the Chinese patent drug program. Mr. Geng Zuocheng, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm Foreign Trade and Chairman of VCP, reported to the group on the history, development, planning of the manufacturer. Later the group also discussed with VCP management team on issues such as business management, TCM market trend, public listing, and development plan.


The group recognized the achievement of VCP in recent years, and praised the plant as the earliest overseas producer with the largest number of employees. The group considered VCP as a “5 Well Enterprise”, namely well management, well corporate governance, well business performance, well contribution to the Sino-Vietnamese relations, and well coordination with other Sinopharm companies. The group supported the producer’s plan on TCM and vaccine production, market listing, and mergers and acquisitions, and promised that Sinopharm will continue supporting VCP with necessary products and technology.


Meanwhile, the group reminded VCP to take the advantage, seize strategic opportunities, and focus on the mid and long-term development. The producer was also advised to pay attention to fine management, always put quality, standard, safety, environment, brand, and reputation on top agenda, and to stress on human resources to further cultivate local talents in order to build a long-lasting business. The group encouraged VCP to continue its role as the frontrunner of international operations, and strive to become the “bridgehead” of Sinopharm operations in southeastern countries and a major producer of Sinopharm quality products overseas.


Mr. Geng Zuocheng promised to remain true to the original aspiration, keep the mission firmly in mind, and spare no effort to reach new heights.


VCP management is reporting to Sinopharm Board of Directors

Sinopharm Board Directors visit VCP production lines.

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