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Sinopharm International Strong Global Presence Appeals to Belt and Road Countries
Author:   Source   Date:May,09,2017   Browse:2483   
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Acting as the main platform of international business in Sinopharm, Sinopharm International has been promoting economic and trade ties with countries along the Belt and Road Initiative according to the national strategy and Sinopharm initiatives. The company is expanding the circle of friends in the Belt and Road Initiative by promoting the “going global” of Chinese products, services, industry, investment and financing. Sinopharm International also supports the medical and health development in countries along the Silk Road, and takes credit from local governments and Chinese authorities for the contributions.


By April, 2017, Sinopharm International is estimated to have established trade relationship with over 60 countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, covering business such as medicines, medical equipment, health food, and medical engineering, etc. The total trade volume exceeds 4.1 billion dollars during the 12th Five-year Plan and reaches 2 billion dollars in less than 2 years since the start of the 13th Five-year Plan.



State Television CCTV’s news coverage on TCM export business at Sinopharm International on May 8, 2017

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