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Health Infrastructure Project Kicked off in Jamaica
Author:   Source   Date:Mar,08,2017   Browse:2230   
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The commencement ceremony of GKRS Signature Head Office Project, which is contracted by Sinopharm International, was held in Kingston on March 1, 2017. Among the VIPs are Mr. Fu Qiang, Chief Engineer of Sinopharm International, Michael Ranglin, President of Grace Kennedy, and Keith Rigbye, head of project supervisor.


Invested by Grace Kennedy, the project boasts a total building area of over 175,000 m2, functioning as offices, medical diagnosis and treatment center, and health food sales center, etc. It will become a flagship project in the capital. For Sinopharm International, the project is not only icebreaking in overseas infrastructure projects, but also signifies the start of the “dual business loops” in Jamaica and the Caribbean region as a whole. The project is a harbinger of a package solution that includes vaccine cooperation, medical training, localized pharmaceutical manufacturing, and medical industrial park building, etc.


Established in 1922, Grace Kennedy is among the largest conglomerates in the Caribbean region with total market value of over 1.29 billion dollars. The company has been active involved in the distribution of health food, organic vegetables, and dairy product, etc., and has seen its investment, banking and insurance businesses listed in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and Eastern Caribbean. Grace Kennedy also has over 60 subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Africa, and the Caribbean countries.

(Compiled by Overseas Project Department II)

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