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ASEAN Diplomats Experience TCM at Sinopharm International
Author:   Source   Date:Dec,19,2016   Browse:2496   
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  On December 16, China Sinopharm International invited diplomats from 7 ASEAN countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos to its headquarter to experience Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Supported by ASEAN-China Center and Beijing Chaoyang Commission of Commerce, the event aims to demonstrate the uniqueness and therapeutic significance of TCM, and to promote the exchange between China and ASEAN countries in such area.
  Professor Zhang Kezhen, a well-known expert in TCM, was invited to talk on the relations between the space within human body and disease prevention. The professor revealed some flaws in modern medicines, and said that TCM has close ties with future western medicines. His lecture was followed by diagnostic session, in which Dr. Tian Fenghua, Dr. Chao Yuehan, and Dr. Liu Zhiqun, all of whom were famous TCM practitioners from local hospitals under Sinopharm, offered medical consultancy and pulse-diagnosis to the diplomats, who were amazed by their professional skills. In addition, Mr. Yan Bing, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm International, introduced the company’s international business, and staff from another affiliate of Sinopharm Group performed Chinese tea art.
  China has recently started promoting its TCM in the world. To support this, Sinopharm International plans to host a series of similar events in the future.

(Compiled by Medical Device Department)



Officials and Diplomats in the TCM Event

Professor Zhang Kezhen Explaining His Thoughts on TCM

Diplomat Receiving Pulse-diagnosis by TCM Expert




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