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Xinxiang Medical Assistance Team Returns from Africa
Author:   Source   Date:Sep,02,2016   Browse:1987   
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  On August 30, 2016, the medical assistance team headed by Xinxiang Central Hospital completed its mission in Eritrea and landed in China. At the Zhengzhou airport, Ms. Li Ruixia, Deputy Mayor of Xinxiang City and Mr. Xue Zuli, Director of Xinxiang Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission attended a warm welcome ceremony for the team.
  The team is the 9th dispatch of the Chinese government to Eritrea. Headed by Dr. Sun Laiguang, Deputy Director of Xinxiang Central Hospital, the team carries the responsibility from both the government and people in China, and strives to improve local medical and health conditions. Despite a lack of water and electricity, insufficient medicines and medical equipment, poor transportation and telecommunication, the team help local people treat diseases with excellent medical skills, and passed on their medical knowledge without reservation. Their devotion, passion and skills have won the team appreciation from the Eritrea government.
  Mr. Xie Wei, Deputy Director of Xinxiang Central Hospital  promised at the airport that the hospital will continue its effort in overseas medical assistance, and in promoting the relationship between China and other countries.(Compiled by Sinopharm Midland)

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