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Sinopharm International Assists Ecuador in Zika Breakout
Author:   Source   Date:May,03,2016   Browse:1992   
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  The Zika virus that broke out in South America in early 2016 has been spread to 55 countries and regions by April 27, 2016. The WHO predicts that the number of people infected will reach 3 to 4 million and listed the virus as a global public health emergency, the same with Ebola.
  It is Sinopharm International’s rapid response during this pandemic in South America that put the company the world second and China’s first to provide Zika virus diagnostic reagents to Ecuador, safeguarding the country in disease prevention and control during major outbreaks.

  The reagents, as developed by Beijing CapitalBio Group, had gone through double sample tests in Ecuador since March, 2016 and got passed at May 2, 2016 with high appraisals from Ecuador’s health ministry. The improved samples, which proved to be effective in helping locals in fighting the virus, adopt NASBA-based testing method, which is faster, more portable than traditional ones and can substantially reduce false positive rate.

  Joint efforts as headed by Sinopharm International were made to put China’s first self-developed Zika diagnostic reagents into clinical tests in Ecuador. Technical experts from China were also dispatched to work with local counterparts in joint tests and test improvement. This showcased Sinopharm’s strength in building international platforms for outstanding enterprises in China.

  The implementation team, while overcoming a series of challenges, such as the cold-chain long-haul transport, the green channel custom clearance at target country and the mega earthquake in Ecuador, set personnel safety aside and raced against time, a sense of responsibility and mission as displayed by staff from central government owned enterprises.
Though the virus still rages, Sinopharm International will work closely with Ecuador government in the mass supply of diagnostic reagents and the R&D of combined diagnostic reagents. Faced with major epidemics, Sinopharm International will always stand by with Ecuador and other South America countries to make professional and unique contributions.

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