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Sinopharm International Holds Annual Working Conference
Author:   Source   Date:Jan,29,2016   Browse:2017   
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       January 28, 2016. Sinopharm International held the 2016 annual working conference. Ms. Shi Shengyi, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Sinopharm Group, Chairman of Sinopharm International, Mr. Zeng Bing, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm Group and Member of the Board of Sinopharm International, Mr. Ding Haiyun, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Public Affairs Department of Sinopharm Group attended the conference. Others include middle-level management, heads of subordinate companies and holding companies, excellent employee representatives, and other employees in Beijing. The conference was chaired by Mr. Li Deyuan, Party Secretary of Sinopharm International and Mr. Sheng hua, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm International.
       In the conference, Mr. Li Can, General Manager of Sinopharm International, gave a report titled “To Further Integrate International Business and Medical Business, to Build a Leading International Medical and Healthcare Company in China”. The report reviewed past achievements and experience during the 12th Five Year Plan, summarized last year’s work, analyzed in depth problems and challenges, and arranged works for 2016. The report also proposed to build a medical and healthcare platform for the group, to explore sustainable and replicable development mode in overseas project, to build a duty-free platform that will facilitate the reflow of overseas consumption, to strengthen delicacy management, regulation management and market awareness of human resources, and to promote the party building.

General Manager Li Can Delivers Work Report

       Chairman Ms. Shi Shengyi made a keynote speech, in which she introduced the development of Sinopharm Group during the 12th Five Year Plan. She made positive comments to the achievement of the company in 2015, analyzed opportunities and challenges in the current macro economy, and expressed expectations for the company 2016 in four areas: pay attention to strategic guidance; actively push for a stable development of medical and healthcare industry; strengthen international business integrated platform; improve risk prevention and business management.

       In the conference, excellent employees, managers and overseas personnel received awards from the company. In addition, 5 employee representatives were invited to share their ideas on company development.

       Mr. Zeng Bing, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm Group Awards Excellent Managers

Dialogue between Staff Representatives

Honan Opera by Employee from Sinopharm Midland

       The conference has set the pace for the company’s development in 2016, recognized opportunities and challenges, and built up staff confidence. In the coming year, SinopharmInternational will strive to achieve business targets and further contribute to the healthcare industry and international business of the group.



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