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General Manager Li Can Meets Turkmenistan President and Health Minister
Author:   Source   Date:Nov,12,2015   Browse:2310   
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       Invited by the government of Turkmenistan, General Manager Li Can attended the meeting between Turkmenistan President GurbangulyBerdimuhamedow and Chinese enterpriserepresentatives.
       In the meeting, Mr. Li Can introduced Sinopharm’s business and the plan in Turkmenistan to upgrade iodine production plant and liquorice processing factory. The President congratulated Sinopharm’s achievement and expressed his appreciation for Sinopharm’scontribution in promoting medical and health cooperation between the two countries. He also encouraged Sinopharm to expand cooperation in Turkmenistan.

General Manager Li Can with Turkmenistan President

       Later, Mr. Li Can met with Turkmenistan Health Minister. He introduced Sinopharm’s competitiveness and recommendeda cooperation package, which includes building liquorice extraction plants, medical infrastructureengineering and construction, and medical personnel training. The Minister expressedhis strong wish to collaborate with Sinopharm and invited Mr. Li Can to go to Turkmenistan for further discussions. Later, as appointed by the President, the minister presented Li Can the President’s work as a gift: “Herbal Plant in Turkmenistan”. (Contributed by Overseas Project Department II)

General Manager Li Can with Health Minister of Turkmenistan


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