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The party committee of Sinopharm International held the July 1 conference
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       On July 1, 2015, which is the 94th birthday of our party, Sinopharm International held a meeting to commemorate the 94th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. The meeting was conducted by Li Can, the general manager and deputy party secretary. More than 320 people including party members, active applicant for party membership, and league member attended this meeting. All party members worn HaKenKreuzs on their clothes.
       During this meeting, Li Deyuan, the party secretary and vice general manager made a speech. He recalled the glorious achievements that Chinese people have made under the leadership of the party since the founding of Communist Party of China and the situation of party construction. He also came up with how to keep a party member’s exemplary vanguard role by valuing party membershi and fulfilling the requirements of “san yan san shi”; and he pointed out that party members should have the sense of urgency and enhance their sense of responsibility; they should pay attention to scientific development and improve their images.
       New party members in our company sworn solemnly and old party members review the disciplines. Later, 11 party branches in Sinopharm International carried out ideal and belief education for party members.
       12 beautiful girls form Sinopharm Midland Central Hospital were first on the stage and performed a dance.                             
       The party committee recited the Ode to the Long Match, which vividly .reproduced the scenes of the long match. Although it had been a long time since the long match, the spirit of it is still new; party committee of Sinopharm Fortuneway presented us with a sketch--- On the Way Home, using humorous performance to present the new era that our party entered after the the eighteenth national congress of the communist party of China; the fifth party branch recited a poem Under the Party’s Flag, which was of great momentum,etc. The passionate   atmosphere touched everybody. Familiar and beautiful melody as well as excellent performance gained much applause from the audience.


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