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Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR will supervise high-risk medical equipment
Author:   Source   Date:Jul,02,2015   Browse:2073   
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       Director of the Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR announced that the health department has entrusted International Consultancy Company to study the supervision on high-risk medical equipment, and it is predicted that the report will be submitted as soon as the end of this year.
       Gao Yongwen explained that Hong Kong government had entrusted a consultancy company to research the light energy and heat energy that medical equipment generates, and the company will set the index of high-risk supervision in accordance with the research results. All the medical equipment listed as high-risk ones should be operated by registered doctors. In the future, the supervision on high-risk medical equipment will include import, export, selling and using.
       When it comes to the problem of medical beauty industry supervision, he mentioned that after the supervision policy is implemented, in clinics that provide high-risk beauty service, the medical procedures should be operated by doctors.


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