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Sinopharm International Holds Vaccination Seminar for African Officials
Author:   Source   Date:Jun,01,2015   Browse:2235   
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       Approved by the Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by Sinopharm International, the “2015 Seminar Vaccination Planning and Cooperation for African Officials” was held from May 6 to 26, 2015. A total of 29 officials from departments like vaccination planning, vaccine registration, procurement and logistics in 12 French-speaking countries attended the meeting.
       Based on Chinese government’s foreign aid training platform, and with the support of Sinopharm Group and associate companies, the seminar integrated lecturing classes with on-site studies, covering topics like Sinopharm Group’s research and development on bio-products and blood products, China’s vaccination schemes, vaccine production and quality assurance system, and bio-product registration system. The seminar also involves discussion on potential cooperation on vaccine product trade and production between China and African countries.
       The seminar not only demonstrated the overall strength of Sinopharm Group and promoted the popularity of Sinopharm Group among the top managements of medical and health sector in developing countries, but also help establish contacts with medical and health officials, which can further promote the “going out” strategy of Chinese medical and health industry and products. (Contributed by Sinopharm International)

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