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Sinopharm International Win the Bid for Nepal Earthquake Relief Material Supply, First Batch Arrived at Katmandu
Author:   Source   Date:May,22,2015   Browse:2217   
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       After an 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on May 12, 2015, the Chinese government promptly extended its great support. On May 14, with years of experience and high social responsibility, China Sinopharm International Corporation has won the bidding of the third round of earthquake relief material supply to Nepal. The first 40 tons of aid materials has arrived at Katmandu on May 20, including 16,700 tents, 3,000 waterproof tarpaulins, and 50,000 med kits, etc. The aid is covered by the morning news program of CCTV on May 21.
       The relief materials from Chinese government have greatly contributed to Nepal’s post-earthquake efforts in resettlement, quarantine, sanitation and material supply. The Nepalese government has expressed gratitude to the Chinese government for the support and help. Consular Peng Wei of the Chinese Embassy to Nepal noted in an interview that high-quality materials provided by China were widely praised by the locals.
       Chinese government’s third round of earthquake relief material supply is carried out by Sinopharm International and will arrive at Nepal in over 30 planes. These materials will be transferred to the Nepalese government, which will in turn distribute them to disaster-affected areas. (Contributed by Sinopharm International)

Video link: http://tv.cntv.cn/video/C10598/bf5b529aee384ba8a9dd80e2d6a09c0f

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