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Former Health Minister Visit Sinopharm Midland on Social Capitals Utilization
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October 9, 2014. Headed by Gao Qiang, Chairman of China Health Economics Association, a team of health experts and reformers of the association visited Sinopharm Midland. During the visit, the team reviewed the utilization of social capitals in public hospitals. Gao Qiang is also former Director of Budget Working Committee of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee and former Chinese Health Minister. 

During the meeting, Xie Zhenbin, General Manager of Sinopharm Midland briefed the team on measures and performances of Xinxiang public hospitals in introducing social capitals, and reforms on hospital management and operation. Vice Mayor of Xinxiang Li Ruixia introduced facts and figures of Xinxiang City. Wang Lifeng, Party Secretary of Sinopharm Group and Li Can, General Manager of Sinopharm International, reported Sinopharm’s involvement in public hospitals in Xinxiang. The visiting team also talked with hospital directors and experts on their experience and opinions on public hospital reforms. Through two hours of heated discussion, the team acquired in-depth knowledge of the reforms taken by Xinxiang public hospitals in introducing social capitals.

Gao Qiang indicated that deepening reforms in medical and health structures is a long and arduous task. The reforms aim to solve the problems of “expensive medical bills and difficult access to quality medical services”. Directed by government, public hospitals should take their social responsibility, promote the role as non-profit and public-interest-based organizations, and seek to better serve the people. He also hoped Sinopharm Midland to reform and innovate more boldly and promote a sustainable way of development of public hospitals.

Other officials attend the meeting are: Li Guangsheng, Director of Henan Health and Family Planning Commission, Huang Hongxia, Deputy Director of Henan Health and Family Planning Commission, Zhou Yong, Office Director of Henan Health and Family Planning Commission, Tian Changjun, chief of the medical reform division of Henan Health and Family Planning Commission, Wang Zhongyang, chief of the finance and planning division of Henan Health and Family Planning Commission, He Guangliang, Deputy Secretary General of Xinxiang municipal government, and Jia Gongwei, Director of Xinxiang Health Bureau. (Contributed by Sinopharm Midland)

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