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Director of Foreign Trade Department of Ministry of Commerce Visit Sinopharm International
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September 9, 2013. Mr. Wang Shouwen, Director of Foreign Trade Department of Ministry of Commerce, Deputy Director Bao Ling and 3 other officials from the Ministry of Commerce visited Sinopharm International. Mr. Zhou Yuxiang, Chairman and General Manager of Sinopharm International, Vice General Manager Sheng Hua, Liu Nanqi and Li Can, and directors from a number of departments participated in the meeting. Mr. Zhou Yuxiang introduced the company’s overall business performance and Mr. Shenghua and Mr. Li Can in turn talked about duty-free business, special items import and Sinopharm product export businesses, as well as e-commerce platform business. Both sides exchanged views on the developing trend and possible problems of these businesses. In reviewing the business of Sinopharm International, MR. Wang Shouwen praised the achievement the company has made and encouraged that the company to make further progress in the future.


Later, the officials visited subsidiaries of the company such as Sinopharm Fortuneway and Sinopharm Duty-free Shop.

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