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Sinopharm International Held Seminar on Pharmaceutical and Medical Investment and Cooperation for Developing Countries
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June 5, 2013. Hosted by Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by the Academy for International Business Officials, the “Seminar on Pharmaceutical and Medical Investment and Cooperation for Developing Countries” was successfully held at Sinopharm International.


From May 22 to June 4, 16 health officials from 9 countries in Asia, Africa and Oceania participated in a series lectures went to a couple of manufacturing sites. In lectures, experts from Sinopharm group and its subsidiaries introduced a wide range of topics in medical and health regulations and policies, industry developing trend, chemical pharmaceuticals, bio-products, vaccines and traditional Chinese medicines. Participants also visited a number of research institutes and manufacturers in Beijing and Xian to learn the R&D of bio-products and vaccines, modern traditional medicines and pharmaceutical products.


The seminar is an opportunity for officials from Africa to have a better understanding of the medical and health development in China, and help promote multilateral exchange and communicate between China and other developing countries. For Sinopharm, the seminar promoted its image overseas and created business potentials.

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