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Holding Ministry Of Commerce's Foreign Aid Training Program
Author:   Source   Date:Apr,15,2011   Browse:2153   
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On April 11th of 2011, Sinopharm International hosted a half day training class for Developing Countries Community Service Project Management Seminal. The Seminal was organized by Ministry of Commerce and was sponsored by Training Center of Red Cross Society of China. There were all together 28 trainees from 14 countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Myanmar, and Cambodia, etc. The training was given by Mr. Zhang Zhiyang, Director of International Business from Medical Devices Department. The courses included not only the introduction of development history, the current situation, and new reforming medical policies of China medical and healthcare cause, but also the general introduction of Sinopharm and Sinopharm International. After the training class, the trainees generally acknowledged the industrial situation, business model and future mission of Sinopharm and Sinopharm International.


During the class, the trainees positively interacted with Mr. Zhang. The class aroused a great enthusiasm and has gained a fruitful communication result.


The training class was a successful attempt to attend the foreign aid training activity organized by Ministry of Commerce, and was also a business exploration for overseas market. On the platform of foreign aid training, the class was helpful to establish the image of “Caring for Life, Attending to Health” in the relative medical and healthcare areas of developing countries and offices of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and made positive contribution to overseas market exploration of Sinopharm International.

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