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Promotional meeting on “TWELFTH FIVE-YEAR PLAN” and Trainings on "DRAWING OF PLAN"
Author:   Source   Date:May,23,2011   Browse:2393   
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On May 19, 2011, according to the implementation agenda of Sinopharm’s “Twelfth Five” development strategy and planning, Mr. Feng Duo-jia, vice president of Sinopharm group, Mr. Gong Jia-shen, Dean of Strategic Planning Department Mrs.Jiang Xin Deputy Dean, Mr. Zheng Xiao-hu Assistant Dean etc. came to Sinopharm International for the meeting. Mr. Zhou Yu-xiang, vice president of Sinopharm Group and CEO of Sinopharm International, hosted the meeting. More than 70 persons including team members of leadership in Beijing, middle-level managers and others also attended the meeting. Mr. Feng Duo-jia, Vice president of Sinopharm group, paraphrased “Twelfth Five” development strategy and planning from different angles at the meeting in terms of overall strategy, strategic measures, strategic objectives. He also gave an thorough and meticulous interpretation on two core businesses of Sinopharm International known as international pharmaceutical management and overseas industrial operation of medical health industry. Mr. Zhou Yu-xiang, vice president of Sinopharm Group and CEO of Sinopharm International, introduced the schedule and arrangement of Sinopharm’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” in his conclusion speech at the end of the meeting. He clarified the determination and confidence to accomplish the two core businesses assigned by Sinopharm group. On behalf of Sinopharm International, Mr zhou expressed his gratitude to Mr. Feng Duo-jia and Strategic Planning Department of Sinopharm group for their promotional work. In the meantime, the team led by Deputy president Mr. Feng Duo-jia attended a seminar with some leaders and division managers of Sinopharm International. After hearing the report on the draft of "Sinopharm International Twelfth Five-Year Plan", they exchanged views and discussed profoundly on drawing of "Sinopharm International Twelfth Five-Year Plan", and put forward some valuable comments and suggestions.


Afternoon, Dean Gong Jiasheng and Deputy Dean of Jiang Xin of Group Strategic Planning Department were invited to paraphrase the principles, approaches, methods and experiences on planning for the sub-Plan of functional and operational departments based on the drawing process of "SinopharmTwelfth Five-Year Plan”. They also answered some questions. The activity yielded to a promising result. Mr. Yang Yongge, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Sinopharm International, presided in the afternoon (Human Resource Department Provided.)

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