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Visit to Yanda International Health City
Author:   Source   Date:Apr,18,2011   Browse:2225   
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Invited by Yanda Group, our company organized some staff in Beijing to visit Yanda International Health City on April 13. This activity is to help its staff know more about pharmaceutical and health industry.


Yanda International Health City is located in Yanjiao Development Zone. It is a super large medical and healthcare base  integrating medical treatment, education, research and nursing services for the aged people. Invested by Yanda Group, its infrastructure is rather perfect and prospective. Since December 1, 2010., the whole system has been put into operation.


Guided by the Health City, our visiting staff took turns to tour around Yanda International Hospital, Yanda Golden Age Health Nursing Center, Yanda International Medical Research Institute, Yanda Medical and Nursing Training Institute and Yanda International Meeting Center. They agreed that this trip not only helped them understand both the advanced diagnosable equipments and healthcare facilities, but more importantly formed a sense of new conception and new mode in terms of the aged nursing and health care. This activity broadened their horizon and made them further deepen the understanding of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. The experience will play a positive role and push forward their future work.


At the end of the visit, the Health City held a seminar with visiting leaders of our group as well as the middle-level managers. They extended their sincere hope to establish a strategic partnership with Sinopharm International and promote mutual cooperation in all aspects of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


More than 80 people including middle-level managers, representatives and key staff in Beijing participated in this activity. (Human Resource Department)

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